Canon releases EOS 7D with two zoom lens EF-S new

The news about Canon EOS 50D will continue with new product features HD movie is now proven to already. Canon today announced the launch of Canon EOS 7D (had predicted would be named EOS 60D) as a resolution of 18 MP DSLR with HD feature movie. If you had time to consider if it is the name 7D full frame DSLR, apparently you're wrong. Canon (for some reason) just decided to name the successor to the EOS 50D is a single digit, rather than continue the tradition of two digits as before. No such changes from 40D to 50D which changed only internally, is now changing from 50D to 7D are practically out of the change, the improvement in terms of body design and technical specifications of the camera.

What is unique, most felt the changes in the body design is changing the layout of the buttons below the LCD was now shifted to the left of the LCD. Finally, Canon also must follow the DSLR design in general a more rational, because it is difficult to operate a camera that has a row of buttons below the LCD. However, the presence of you who are waiting for the folding of Canon's LCD is still to be patient, because the Canon seems to still hold myself to go jump in a folding LCD system initiated by Olympus, Sony and Nikon.

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