Digital Camera Sony Alpha 500 DSLR 12.3 megapixel

Sony Alpha 500
Photography is not just a way of documenting a moment alone, for photographers or someone who knows more about this field, photography is like an art describes something that has happened, a description of a more real life. So close to the world of photography life makes us not want to keep off the memories of our beautiful photos in an album or just to put it on the wall. Even these days the Internet had become their own media where you can freely share the beauty that you feel with your family using your photos.

The beauty of a photograph would not be out of the way we document them. There are times when a photograph we can only take on a very fast time and the movement of the hand alone can not help to take good pictures. It needs a documentation tool good enough to get pictures of interesting results also.

Let we look at one type of new camera; Sony Alpha 500 DSLR. Along with the issuance of this new model, also issued two other types of cameras are the type Alpha 850 and Alpha 550. For the camera itself is a 12.3 megapixel Exmor CMOS, ISO average it reached 12,800, which in one second you can capture images in a sustainable 4. This camera can also do HDR mode and also has outputs for HDMI. The plan of this camera will begin to be distributed widely to the public starting October 2009. As for price range, this digital camera price around 750 USD . Interested to have it?

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