Canon EOS 1000D Digital Camera

Canon EOS 1000D or also known as the Digital Rebel XS, is a digital SLR camera with a resolution 10.1megapixel using CMOS sensors. Camera body Canon EOS 1000D is made of special plastic and coated with rubber in certain parts, bodynya casing made of stainless Steel, this camera out with black and silver.

Digital Camera Canon EOS 1000D is the name used in marketing in the European region, whereas in Japan the area known as the Digital Rebel XS or Canon EOS Kiss Digital F Is the entry-level professional camera continues Canon EOS 450D predecessor, with a few upgrades to the facility, and one of them is using the DIGIC III image processor which provides a picture of perfection and operational focus and speed better than the previous processor. This camera is also equipped with a live view on the LCD so that we can see the object that will be in shoot through the LCD screen. One of the advantages of live view is that we can get a 100% object without a miss, than if we look at the object through the optical viewfinder, which is usually the result picture will be slightly larger than what is seen from the optical viewfinder. What should be noted that the live view on the Canon EOS 1000D camera can not be used in certain shooting modes.

At the time of purchase of Canon EOS 1000D camera, will be included with the kit lens sizes 18-55 EF-S IS F3.5-5.6. One of the advantages of this kit lens is the ability to image stabilizer which allows us to indulge shutterspeed speed to get more appropriate results, without fear of image is blurred due to vibration tanggan when we pressed the shutter button. This camera uses a lens mount for EF lenses and EF-S, so that we can be more flexible in choosing what lens to use with this camera.

Type of memory used in cameras Canon EOS 1000D is the SD (secure digital) memory cards and can also be used in SDHC memory type to a larger capacity. Because the current memory prices more affordable, and also the ability of this camera store is bigger, it is advisable to use a memory card with a large size or at least above 1G.

Just as digital cameras other types of EOS, this camera is equipped with a sensor cleaning system that can help clear the dust from the sensor so that the images we are not bothered by the dust dirt. The way Canon EOS 1000D is cleaned with a vibration sensor is the ultrasonic wave and then use a low pass filter which has anti-static coating that can protect from dust.

Canon EOS 1000D is equipped with a pop-up flash, which will open electronically if necessary. Flash guide number for the internal flash is 13 meters at ISO 100. At this size flash strong enough compared to similar digital cameras. This flash also serves as an AF assist lamp to help the camera find focus if we are going to take a picture object to the lack of light conditions.

Canon EOS 1000D is designed to be used on the type of batery grip BG-E5 (optional, not included in the purchase dos camera) to add battery with double type or the type of lithium AA battery which can be obtained easily if we disupermarket nearest battery runs out. Battery performance congenital Canon EOS 1000D (battery LP-E5 type) is good enough mentioned can be used for more than 500 times the normal shoot, but it is very influential on how often you use the LCD to review or preview, also how much we using the internal flash will affect battery power. It is advisable to have a backup battery to avoid unexpected conditions. For more information and accurate you can visit the Canon official website.

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