UltraViolet Filter Digital Camera? Does it matter?

Digital camera
? Maybe not a luxury anymore. Our lives daily, not apart from this one gadget. Devices that we carry every day that we realize may not be embedded in our mobile phone. But for those who do need more leverage will spend for this one gadget.

The reason why we need to add / provide filter Ultraviolet (UV) on our digital camera is ;

1. The most important reason, UV filters to protect and prevent the lens from scratches or impact that could result in damage vital. Because the lens on a digital camera is the main component. With the camera UV filter can be a bit protected from the things mentioned above. Keep in mind, replace a damaged UV filter is much cheaper than replacing the camera lens.
2. Prevent the entry of ultraviolet light into the lens to produce a better photo, especially for the photo in the open space.
3. Clear UV filter, means you do not need to change the settings on the camera when taking photos.

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