Type of Camera

When it was time for us to choose a new digital camera, we are confronted with various options. Often we are required to choose between the size and features. Compact cameras usually do not have as many camera features larger but certainly more comfortable. The good news is that most cameras produce good quality images, especially when used to print a passport photo.

Pocket camera (known as point / shoot camera) typically have fewer controls than other digital cameras and small size. This camera has a fixed lens, the camera that fits in your pocket will be very easy when we need it.

Pocket camera the most frequently encountered is the integrated camera on the phone. Problems of this type of camera is picture quality is less good and the slow progress and not comparable to the cameras 'real'.

Today in the world of digital photography has known the existence of a disposable pocket camera. This disposable camera is surprisingly capable of producing good pictures and some of these types of cameras have a monitor so that we can see our shots. An example is the production of a CVS camera as shown above which can accommodate 25 images.

Fixed-lens cameras of high-end or better known as Prosumer usually have a zoom lens, lighting and focus controls found on SLR camera. This type of camera can produce great images and very good.

One of the most popular camera among professionals and the 'serious amateur' is a single lens reflex camera, which is better known as Digital SLR. This camera has advantages such as refractive lens is replaced, We see through the lens, so what we see is what we can (cameras with fixed lenses with different electronic viewfinder SLR for not using a mirror that can be moved to reflect light to the viewfinder), and have many accessories that can help in producing quality images.

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