Seeing in the Dark, New Camera from Sony Cyber-Shot


As a compact digital camera user, you must know that taking pictures in bright rooms or less will not produce good images. Almost no cameras point-and-shoot is capable of producing good images.

This situation will be changed by Sony Digital Camera. The Japanese company has just released two new compact cameras: Cyber-shot DSC-DSC-TX1 and WX1. Both have a new approach to Otik - via Exmor CMOS sensor technology R - which is able to provide two times the sensitivity of the camera is equipped with an old image sensor. In short, this technology can reduce the grain, improve image clarity in low light conditions.

Phil Lubell (Director of the Digital Imaging Business, Sony Electronics) said, "we have been photographing in dim situations, such as the inflatable birthday candles, and the results are grainy and unclear. By redesigning the way the camera caught the light, Sony has led the industry by creating an easy way to take wonderful pictures clearly, live in low light conditions. "

What caused Sony CMOS sensor so special? Well, the old image sensor architecture requires cables and circuit elements placed on the photo-sensitive diode light. This limits the light gathering ability Imager. Well, R Exmor sensor to overcome the limitations of collecting more light. As a result sensitivity about two times the sensor's long.

In addition, TX1 camera and WX1, integrating hand-held mode of twilight and the anti-motion blur-a multi-shot that Sony introduced the DSC-HX1 model. When combined with Exmor R, six images can be captured in a time less than one second. Through Sony's BIONZ processor, shots can be united into a single image.

This camera offers panoramic Sweep and burst modes capture 10 frames per second. The first feature allows you to shoot continuously as 'sweeping' and let the BIONZ sewing everything after that.

DSC-TX1 has a thickness 16.5 mm and 10.2-megapixel sensor, touch panel, 4x optical zoom and Optical SteadyShot. Meanwhile, the WX1 display with Sony G lens optical zoom lens wide angle 24-120mm 5x with f/2.4 maximum aperture. Both cameras can also record video at 720p HD format MPEG4.

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