Secure Digital Camera, Panasonic Limit the Battery 3rd party

Users of digital cameras is increasing. Many digital cameras use batteries Li-Ion battery pack with the same brand of digital camera brands.

But - either because it is old or inappropriate use, not infrequently the defective battery pack. As a result the owners have to buy a new battery pack. Or maybe the camera owners need spare batteries. Unfortunately there are times when not purchased the original batteries, but batteries made by a third party, either their own branded or falsified brand. This is usually because the price difference is big enough.

Third-party batteries apparently disturbing enough digital camera users. Not only from the commercial side, but also because these batteries often poor quality, so potentially damaging the camera. That's why the players are now starting to act the camera harder.

One of them is Panasonic. Panasonic steps can be made less happy camera users. Because Panasonic has just released a firmware update that can detect third-party batteries are not in accordance with safety standards and prevent work Panasonic.

Currently, there are 16 recorded Panasonic camera models that have been applying the new firmware. All these cameras use the battery pack DMW-BCF10, DMW-BCG10, or DMW-BLB13. Example DMC-FX550/FX580, DMC-FS4, DMC-FS15, DMC-TZ7, and the DMC-G1. But it is also possible in the future when all the camera Panasonic will be secured with the firmware.

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