Prime Lens and Zoom Lens

Prime lens / fix is a lens that has a fixed focal range of the aliases you can not use the zoom. In general, prime lens has advantages compared with a zoom lens, among others:

a. For a prime lens like a short size 24, 35, 50, 85mm is relatively cheaper price compared with a zoom lens
b. The size of the prime lens is relatively much smaller and lighter than the zoom lens
c. Lens aperture prime lenses are generally several times larger than the zoom lens, so it is more effective for dark conditions. In addition, a large opening to make depth of field to be thin, thus effectively making the background a blur.

For the new study photography, prime lens is a good lens to learn, because you are forced to move and take the point of view better. If you use the zoom lens, chances are you will only rely on the zoom so that the perspective of your composition is less maximal.

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