About Digital SLR Camera

Digital-SLR-CameraSLR (single-lens reflex) camera that allows the photographer to be able to see objects through the camera with exactly the same as what he saw. This is different from the non-SLR cameras, where the view seen in the viewfinder may be different from what is captured on film.

SLR cameras use pentaprisma placed over the optical path through the lens onto the film plate. The light coming in and then reflected upward by mirror reflection and glass on the pentaprisma. Pentaprisma then reflect the light several times until about the viewfinder. When the button is released, the glass opens the way for the light so that light can directly on the film.

DSLR cameras digital cameras means that using a single lens reflection. Photographers peek object to be photographed through the peephole or called view-finder. The results will be obtained image is similar to what is seen through the view-finder.

DSLR camera lens

When buying a common digital camera , then the lens is integrated with the camera body. On DSLR cameras, lenses can be removed and replaced. Therefore, when we buy a DSLR camera will be offered if buying body only (camera only) or kit (camera + lens). There DSLR camera lens that can be installed from other brands, there are also special from one brand. There DSLR camera equipped with an autofocus motor. There is also a no autofocus motor, so have to buy a motorized lens which is usually more expensive.

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