Hasselblad launched the latest variant of the camera, H3DII-50

hasselblad-H3DII-50For those who have high ambitions in the field of photography, Hasselblad offer absolute answers, ie a medium format SLR camera with a digital back that is integrated, with the capacity of the highest resolution currently in the photography market, which is 50 megapixels.

Not pictured resolution capacity of this magnitude? Just imagine for pixel configuration within 8.176x6.132 pixel CCD sensor from Kodak area of 48x36 mm; two-time sensors of digital SLR cameras from Canon, Nikon and Sony (to) which of 36x24 mm. RAW files generated by digital back this amount is 65 MB. When converted to 8 bit TIFF format will be 150 MB, and 16-bit TIFF will be 300 MB. Prepare the hard disk and RAM your computer first.

Has a sensitivity range of standards from ISO 50 to ISO 400, with a maximum speed serial shooting for 1.1 seconds per image. 2 GB CompactFlash registration can only contain 30 images RAW format. Back is also equipped with 3.0-inch LCD screen 230,400 pixels, and FireWire 800 connections. With dimensions of these sensors, this back has a multiplier factor of 1.1x lens.

Prepare your bag-in, since its launch price is around U.S. $ 40,000.

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