AMOLED 12M, New Camera Phone Samsung

Samsung latest phones poured named AMOLED 12M. The phone has a series of SCH-W880 digital camera features 12-megapixels.

If judging from his body, AMOLED 12M more like a pocket digital camera than a phone. Look at the lenses that use the 3x optical zoom to and fro like most digital cameras. Moreover, the jog dial is also similar to the camera button.

This camera can take pictures with a resolution of 720p at 30fps speed. Features Touch Auto-Focus also allows users to target objects.

- WCDMA 2100
- Screen 3.3-inch WVGA AMOLED
- Flash Xenon flash
- T-DMB mobile TV
- Bluetooth 2.0
- 4GB internal memory
- MicroSD memory card
- Battery 1100 mAh

According to the plan, Samsung SCH-W880 will be marketed on their countries from mid-October. Have not mentioned price range.

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neil said...

As much as the great specs and features that Samsung has been giving us, I don't know why they can't come up with a phone that doesn't look crappy!!

nintendo dsi r4

Anonymous said...

Nice camera and very futuristic,great posting..

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